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Sterilite Set of (4) 12 Qt. Storage Boxes Plastic, Titanium

Sterilite Set of (4) 12 Qt. Storage Boxes Plastic, Titanium

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Get organized with the Sterilite Clear Storage Box line! The Sterilite Set of (4) 12 Quart Storage Boxes is a convenient four pack of the popular 12 Quart size . and is ideal for a variety of basic and lightweight household storage needs. It features a clear base that allows contents to be easily identified and an opaque lid that snaps firmly onto the base to keep contents contained and secure. This storage box is ideal for storing small items around the home and fits conveniently on 16" wire closet shelving . making it ideal for organizing and storing accessories . clothing and crafts in the closet. Stack same size containers on top of each other for efficient use of vertical storage space. When storing items away . use good judgment and don't overload them or stack them too high; be mindful of the weight in each box and place the heaviest box on the bottom. The overall assembled dimensions of this item are 16 7/8" L x 11 1/2" W x 5 7/8" H.

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