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Let´s redefine pleasure!

The future of sex will change the way we experience intimacy and it will significantly change when we finally let go of the social taboo that is linked to self-pleasure and sex. Imagine browsing for a sex toy without the constant paranoia of whip-holding women in nasty lingerie and the imminent fear of accidentally clicking through to porn sites. For centuries, the sex industry has been dominated by men and their definition of pleasure, resulting in a huge “pleasure gap”.
Mascha W.
Reflecting on our own experiences as customers, many women have stepped up their game now marketing their own products in a tasteful and cool way. Entering the mainstream market of beauty and wellness, many luxe brands now prefer the term “sex tech” to uncouple their products from porn and other associated “sins” of this shadow industry.
Our Values

The answer are real people

It is time to create a platform that allows everyone to be comfortable, no matter how vanilla or badass they want to be. For that reason, it is more important than ever to create confidence among women. Images promoted on online adult stores are often far from reality and comparing yourself to such sex idols and porn stars often results in intimidation and self-doubt. The answer to that are real women, real men and real couples enjoying pleasure in a safe and trusted environment. This needs to be backed up by extensive web-security and trust, so that customers feel safe with their personal information in such a sensitive and personal environment.

Being the new kid on the block among many big players that have been around for a long time means that we are being scrutinised more than ever and we totally get it!

Mascha W.
Be part of the change and support a small business that puts the right values first.

Our Core Values

Drive the change

Empower Females

Body and Sex Positivity

Self-Love & Pleasure

Equality among all genders

Non-toxic, body-safe materials ONLY

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