Want to have more intense Orgasms? KEGELS are the answer!

Want to Have More Intense Orgasms?

Everything you Need to Know About Kegels

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 Kegel Exercise Balls

Are you ready to improve your sex life? Do you want to have more intense orgasms? Do you want to improve your sexual health?

Kegel exercises can help you with all of the above! 

If you haven’t heard of them yet, you’re not the only one. Let’s dive deep into Kegels together.


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What are Kegel exercises?


You won’t need to go to a gym and get sweaty to do these. Kegels are simple exercises done to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. 

The pelvic floor is a series of muscles that hold things such as your bladder in place. They contain openings from the urethra, the bladder, the uterus, the anus and the vagina. 

The pelvic floor is not only important for things like bladder control and bowel function, but it can also unlock the secrets of your sexual potential! 

Doing Kegels among other pelvic floor exercises has been shown to help male-bodied people with erectile difficulties, premature ejaculation, overactive bladders and many other things that can cause you unwanted stress. 

Doing Kegels in female-bodied individuals can help you with pregnancy, childbirth and help you recover from childbirth. They can also give your vaginal canal some extra strength to keep things tight!


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How do I do Kegel exercises?


Put away your gym bag and put the weights down! You can do these exercises anytime, anywhere without anyone noticing

First and foremost, let’s teach you some techniques for finding your pelvic floor muscles. Complete any of all of these visualisation techniques to identify these muscles so you can get to work:

  • Imagine that you are going pee and you suddenly need to stop the flow of urine
  • Ladies, imagine that you’re trying to hold in a tampon
  • Imagine that you are trying to stop from passing gas, pulling muscles around the front and back to squeeze in the pelvis
  • Gents use a mirror and imagine tightening your anus to “bring up the elevator” you’ll be able to see your penis move!
  • Imagine you’re sitting on a marble, and you need to pick it up with your pelvic muscles

Congratulations on finding your pelvic floor muscles! Now, let’s work on our technique. It’s important to do these exercises every day. So, pick a time, like while you’re drinking your morning coffee or while you’re reading your email, they really require a minimal amount of effort.

***Pro-Tip*** If you feel any pain or stress in your back or abdomen while you’re doing Kegels, that means you’re probably not doing them correctly.


Start from the Beginning

Get started on an empty bladder until you’ve got these down. 

Tighten your pelvic floor muscles for three seconds. Now relax them for three seconds. 

Great, now do these five times.

Congratulations, you’ve done a full rep of Kegels! 

Do these three sets of five reps throughout your day. 

Moving up

As you get familiar with doing Kegels on a regular basis, challenge yourself! Hold them longer, like five seconds at a time, but keep the breaks the same. You want to get up to at least ten to fifteen reps per set (15 Kegel squeezes = 1 set) 

Doing them multiple times throughout the day is important, so try setting an alarm on your phone as a reminder. 

Just, don’t overdo it. If you work these muscles too hard, they’ll become tired and may not be able to fulfil their very important duties

***Pro-Tip*** If you’re having difficulties with your Kegels, you’re not alone. You should talk to your doctor, urologist or OBGYN about this to make sure everything is alright.



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How can I get started?


There are several different applications you can download for your phone as well that will help you train your pelvic floor muscles to keep them in tiptop shape! 

Some examples of these apps are: 

  • Kegel Trainer PFM Exercises
  • Easy Kegel
  • Pelvic Floor First

Vulva owners can also try things such as Kegel Balls, Geisha balls or Ben Wa balls. 

These are all essentially the same thing. They are inserted into the vaginal canal and you try and hold them in. 

Start while you’re laying down then progress to walking around. 

How Do I Choose Kegel Balls?

When picking out the right balls for you consider the following:

  • Is the size going to be comfortable? – think about what size tampon you usually use
  • Is the weight right for me? – stick with what is appropriate to your current pelvic floor strength
  • Are they made out of quality materials? – free of phthalates, easy to clean, preferably 100% silicone or stainless steel

Great, now that you know what you’re looking for, take a look at some of our favourite products:

 MY AMORA Kegel Balls Rianne S - Pussy Playballs Coral PinkThe Rianne S – Pussy Playballs are not only affordable but they offer you varying weights so you can change them out as your pelvic floor strength improves!


MY AMORA Kegel Balls VOU - Flocco Love Beads Ben Wa Deep Purple

The Vou – Flocco Love Beads Ben Wa includes a set of heavy and light Kegel balls to help you level up as well. These are comfortable and can easily be worn for up to 15 minutes at a time!

MY AMORA Kegel Balls WE-VIBE - Bloom Vibrating Kegel Ben Wa Balls Salmon This one is super fun because the WE-VIBE – Bloom Vibrating Kegel Ben Wa Balls come with an application (something WE-VIBE is famous for) so you can vibrate your way to pleasurable pelvic floor strength! They come with three progressive weights that are also easy to change out.



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Congratulations, our sexy friends! You’re well on your way to stronger erections and orgasms! What a wonderful day! Go celebrate your hard work with some Kegels! 

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Get out there, get in there and get off there!

Elaine S. Turner

Sex Coach, Clinical Sexologist & Sexuality Educator

Sydney, Australia 

August 2020


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