• Rimming for Pleasure

    Rimming for Pleasure

    Rimming for Pleasure A Guide to Analingus  Your Questions …  What does ‘rimming’ mean? What is rimming? How can I give analingus well? How can you make rimming safe? Answered.   Rimming, analingus and tossing a salad are all words that mean providing oral sex on another person’s anal opening. It’s also known as a booty job, skimming, or even swabbing the poop deck. ...
  • Prostate Play & Pleasure

    Prostate Play & Pleasure

    🌰 A Quick Guide to Discovery, Massage & Orgasmic Bliss 🌰     Your Questions …   What is a prostate? What does the prostate do? How do I find the prostate? How do I give a prostate massage? Can I have a prostate orgasm? What does “prostate milking” mean?   Answered.     🌰 What is the prostate and what does it do? 🌰   The...
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