Prostate Play & Pleasure

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Prostate Play and Pleasure


🌰 What is the prostate and what does it do? 🌰


The prostate or P-Spot is a small gland only male-bodied people have that is twinsies/homologous to the G-Spot in women.


It is on the penis side of the rectum (makes it easier to remember) and is usually described to be the size and shape of a half a walnut, a coin or a chestnut. It's near the front of the rectum and below the bladder. 


When you press on a man's perineum or the space between his testicles and anus, you're stimulating the prostate from the outside!


The P-Spot's main function is to release a special fluid into your semen when you ejaculate, helping your "little swimmers" stay alive on their journey to share their genetic coding. This special addition to your "jazz" is what gives it a thinner texture and that milky color we're familiar with.


While ejaculating or "cumming" the prostate briefly contracts, pushing and propelling those swimmers into/onto … well, wherever you want them to go.


Massaging or milking the prostate can provide a male-bodied person with a new level of ejaculatory bliss as well as several health benefits.

So, let's talk about how to find this elusive joy button and what to do with it when you've discovered it.


🌰 P-Spot, Where Art Thou? 🌰


In this exercise, we'll lay the man in question down on his back. Use some of that wonderful silicone-based lube and slather your pointer finger with it. Follow steps one and two from our Anal 101 article posted in August of 2020 to prepare that ass for some fun! 


double flame***Pro Tip*** remember to play with the man's goods while you're trying this out, no one likes to be ignored!


Once inside, slide your finger up towards his belly button (pointing towards the ceiling in this position) and feel for that walnut-shaped-joy-gland using the PAD OF YOUR FINGER, not the point!


Slip your finger up a couple of centimeters (usually 3-8 centimeters) and feel around for a "firm flat round disc" (Thost, 2016). It's sort of a roundish – ovalish shape with "two lobes like the wings of a butterfly." 

Feel for a beat or rhythm like you would a pulse on your wrist, this his heartbeat! How sexy and intimate is that?


🌰 How do I Massage or Milk the Prostate? 🌰


Hold your finger with just a tiny bit of pressure on the finger pad while you and your hand stay still. Then start very lightly touching around it (never do hard/fast movements on this little testament to pleasure!) 


If it doesn't feel great this first time, don't worry! The moment of having an ejaculatory orgasm (from other activities) will be more intense with more jazz coming out to help you celebrate! Like most things in life, this will take time and patience to reap its truest rewards.


Ready for the Massage/Milking?


Okay, remember that the focus is not moving in-and-out as you may think. It's about making motion while you're in there


Try and "windshield wipers" or "come hither" motion, trace circles, or try strokes from the edges inward with your fingertip over the P-Spot. Or anything else he finds enjoyable!


The key is taking it slow, not using much pressure and listening to the receiver and their desires. 

These techniques are based on a therapeutic prostate massage – something doctors use to release the fluid that builds up in the prostate. 


When a man is about to ejaculate, the P-Spot expands and gets firmer, then at the moment of the grand finale, it shrinks back to normal size. So, keep going!


double flame***Pro-Tip*** Not every guy will have an ejaculatory orgasm from P-Spot play, it can take some practice and patience, but he will have a more intense orgasm once you're through with him!


🌰 What Does a Prostate Massage do for my Health? 🌰


Not only for the orgasm my friends but for the health benefits! 


Many studies point to the fact that the prostate naturally enlarges with age (think from walnut to an apricot.) However, if the prostate gets too big it can cause a whole host of health problems like intense discomfort and burning sensations when you pee. 


These risks can include prostate calcification where it becomes more rigid over time, so it is unable to expand or contract with ejaculation. This can lead to problems with sexual functioning not to mention a host of infections (Sadeghi, 2019)


So, if you're feeling fun, funky and informed go ahead and get started with the sexy benefits of prostate play and massages! 


Get out there, get in there and get off there!


Elaine S. Turner

Sex Coach, Clinical Sexologist and Sexuality Educator

Sydney, Australia

August 2020



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