Climax High this July

It’s time for sex coaching, orgasmic meditation, multiorgasms and everything to give you those toe curling spine tingling feels. With a whole month dedicated to being on cloud nine we might as well jump into it, starting with the basics.


It might seem like a funny question but if we asked, “Can you walk us through the stages of your orgasm?” How do you think you’d respond, perhaps you could list two or three stages? Better yet, what if we told you that “Your body experiences eight unique states that all contribute equally to your climax euphoria”?. No S**t we swear and you might actually be missing out on maximising your experience throughout these stages and over all dialling down your climax! So in the name of climaxing high, lets take a quick look on what our bodies are going through and dedicate the month to embracing and enhancing each second.


1. The Climax

If you listed some stages above, odds are you got this one. The release or orgasm is commonly mistaken for the last stage, when in face it’s just the beginning!


2. Resolution

That moment of stillness, clarify and resolve in felt in your mind and through your body following a climax, slang for males as “post-nut clarity”


3. Restoration

Once your body has flushed out and is a blank canvas, this is the time you can fully delve into the pleasure realm


4. Turn-on

Warm, tingly and fuzzy all explain how your body feels in this state, it’s the time to block out the noise and listen to what your body wants


5. Peaking

The calm before the storm, the still and the breather when your body begins, with a gentle nudge into a direction you choose or are guided 


6. Excitement

On come the bravado, “I just had sex” feels. You feel hot as F**k and you’ve got the confidence to match, it’s a great time to express your feelings and thoughts


7. Plateau

The name doesn’t suggest, but this is one of the most enjoyable stages, your emotional and physical states are heightened increasing your sensitive and allow your body and mind to soak in what just happened


8. Stillness

You’re chilled and deserve some rest. As now you know, you’ve just ridden the climax rollercoaster.

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