Becoming Clitorate!

Becoming Clitorate 

Understanding the Female Orgasmic Powerhouse

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Clitoris Flower 


Welcome home our sexy friends! Today’s the big day. Let’s finally talk about the clitoris (AKA the clit)! Unlike the G-spot, there is (finally) no debate about the existence of the clitoris. It is commonly accepted that most women need this area to be stimulated to experience orgasm.   

As well-educated folk, it’s our responsibility to understand the clitoris, where it is and how to play with it. 


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What is the Clitoris?


The word and description of a clitoris can be found it the name itself. The ancient Greek word kleitoris, from which the world is derived means “little hill.” It is also related to the word kleis meaning “key.” 

While you may be familiar with the “little hill” aspect of the clitoris, did you know it is actually an entire organ? More on this in a little bit. 

Research on the clitoris has led scientists to believe that there is no purpose for the clitoris other than pleasure. That’s right folks! We evolved a part of our anatomy simply for pleasure. How delicious is that?!

It is considered homologous (same/similar) to the head or tip of the penis, scientifically referred to as the glans penis.

So, the clitoris is essentially an orgasmic powerhouse located within and underneath the vulva. You heard us right, the clitoris is much bigger than you think!


The Human Clitoris

 Figure 1The Human Clitoris 

Note. Source: (Psychology Today, 2013)


 As you can see, the clitoris is quite large! Gone is the idea that it’s a wee nub poking out of the hood. 

The area circled in blue is the part that is usually visible when you spread the wings of the clitoral hood. This is also the area that becomes visually erect when you’re aroused. 

However, that isn’t the only area that changes from arousal.

The entirety of the clitoral body becomes engorged with blood as you get turned on. Look closely at the image. You’ll see a faint illustration of the lips of a vulva on top. This is showing that the clitoral body extends below and behind the vulva. 

This engorgement will cause your whole pubic area to swell slightly when you’re getting aroused and also will give you a faint sensation of heat coming from the vulva. 

Also, as you can see from the diagram, the correct term for the exposed portion of the clitoris is the glans clitoris. Remember the glans penis? That’s right! They’re biological pleasure partners.

It is important to understand that the clitoris contains about 8,000 nerves while the penis as a whole contains roughly 4,000. So that little pleasure point has double the amount of sensation as an entire penis. 

Score one for the clitoral owners out there!


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Where is the Clitoris?   


A very important question! 

In order to experience your pleasure potential, you should have a thorough understanding of your own anatomy before trying to guide someone else to it. 

As usual, grab a mirror and a pillow, and please make sure you’re not going to be disturbed for a while!


The Vulva

Figure 2: The Vulva

Note. Source: (, 2015) 


Let’s use this gorgeous image (thank you to as a guide. 

Lay down on your pillow, angle your hand mirror so you can see your vulva. Gently spread your outer lips, labelled in the image as the labia majora and labia minora (yes, you have two sets of lips, more on them another day.) 

At the very top of your vulva, you’ll usually see a few other flaps of skin, this is your clitoral hood that we discussed earlier. Underneath or protruding from them you’ll find your clitoris. It’s commonly described to be about the size and shape of a small pea. 

As with all things in this life, everyone’s clitoris looks different and likes different things.

Some women love direct stimulation of it, others need you to dance around the area as it is too sensitive. 

Try turning yourself on by stimulating the areas around the tip of the clit. If you’re paying attention to what’s happening in your mirror, you’ll see (if not, you’ll feel) your clitoris becoming engorged and erect. You’ll feel it get larger and more firm. Some have longer clits where you can actually feel the shaft that goes eventually leads back into the body. Others have a clitoris that only sticks out a tiny bit.
 Like your fingerprint, each vulva is unique! 


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How do I Stimulate or Massage the Clitoris?


Let’s get this pleasure party started! The most important rule of thumb is you define your own pleasure. So, if it feels good to you, keep going! 

An excellent approach to clitoral massage is not going directly for the clitoris at first.

With all things sexy, take it slow and take your time. 

Enjoy foreplay as you usually would before turning your attention to the vulva. 

Massage the body of the clitoris by rubbing the outside and the inside of the lips gently, making sure you are fully aroused. When you’re ready to move to the clit, there are several techniques you can try (please use lube!) 

  • Circling – use the tip of your finger to draw little circles around the clitoris, changing the pressure as you go
  • Push & pull – using your finger, put a little pressure on the clit (if you’re into that), then run your finger up the clitoral shaft with the tip of your finger
  • Tug the tip – if you can grasp the clitoris, tug gently on it then release. You can alternate doing this with the clitoris and the inner lips as well to get a full vulva experience! 
  • Tap dance – using your fingers, make a gentle tapping motion on and around your clitoris, build up the speed of you enjoy it!

There are countless other ways! All the more reason to do some masturbatory exploration to find out exactly what you like. 


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Sex Toys for Clitoral Bliss


Of course, no clitoris article would be complete without strongly suggesting trying a vibrator! There are so many out on the market, we’d love to tell you about a few of our favourites. 


The MOQQA – Sails Finger Vibrator offers a powerful dose of vibration right on your sensation station! Just slip it on a finger with a drop a lube and you’re on the train to pleasure town


Next up, we have the new Dame – Eva II Couples Massager. The flexible wings tuck under your vulva’s lips and the Eva sits on top. This is great for solo time (perhaps in the company of a dildo as well) or it can even stay in place during penetrative sex!

The Rianne S – Bunny Bliss Mini Rabbit Vibrator allows you to experience vaginal and clitoral stimulation at the same time if you want! Small and discreet, it’s perfect for the girl on the go!

We now present to you your Certificate of Being Cliterate! Just kidding, but we hope you learned something new! 

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Get out there, get in there and get off there!

Elaine S. Turner

Sex Coach, Clinical Sexologist & Sexuality Educator

Sydney, Australia

August 2020


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