ANAL 101 - Part Two: Play'in with Yo'self

🍑ANAL 101🍑


Part Two: Playin’ with Yo’self

A Guide to Anal Preparation


Experience anal awesomeness in three easy steps.


Your Questions ….

What should you know about anal sex?

Do you want to know how to prepare for anal sex?

Should you use butt plugs during anal preparation?

Should I use my finger to explore my ass first?



Peachy Butt


Welcome back to Part Two everyone! We’re excited to get you playin’ with that backside of yours! 

Repeat the steps you learned in Part One: A Guide to Anal Cleanliness to make sure you’re well prepared and that you’ve had some useful practice. 

Grab your towel, your wipes, your silicone lube and any plugs if you have them.

For some of us, anal preparation can take days, weeks or months of effort to get used to having something in there and there is no better time than the present to get started!

Just like with sports, the warmup and the practices are just as important as the game so take your time and prepare that ass for some fun!

Consider the cleaning and the outside-the-ass activities the warmup, the toy penetration the practice and the partner or dildo penetration the game!

This is why we recommend getting a graduated anal dilator set. This is essentially a set of metal butt plugs that are several different sizes. Using this over time will help you get used to that feeling of fullness. 


🍑Playing with Yo’self! 🍑


You need to relax, so take a few deep breaths and start exploring the outside of your sphincter with a dripping-with-lube finger (the plugs will come later) and see what feels sexy for you! 

double flame***Pro Tip*** If the lube isn’t dripping from the ceiling then you’re not using enough! ** (slight exaggeration) 


If you feel ready to go ahead and use a vibrator on the outside of the sphincter or anywhere else that gets your engines goin’! We’re going to keep the toys to the outside or on the side for now. We also recommend you play with yourself as you usually do during solo sex (with your cock or clit or whatever feels good) to make the process more enjoyable! 


Use a lubricated finger in a rocking-horse like motion and arouse the external and internal sphincters. This is a HIGHLY sensitive area that is very arousing to most! Take your time and work your way inside. Spend several minutes or more exploring inside yourself and find out what feels best for you. 


If you experience some discomfort or even pain, that is normal just remember to take it slow and to NOT pull out the moment you feel discomfort. This may cause an unwanted bodily reaction (hint hint). Plus, the feeling of taking things out is often even better than putting them in! Just relax, breathe and enjoy the ride!


Now that you’ve explored yourself, it’s time for the next level of ass-yoga. Grab your smallest metal plug and slather it all over with that silicone-joy. Once again, starting from the outside play with yourself using the plug (you can warm them up or cool them down a bit before usage if you’re into that.) 

When you’re ready and fully lubed, go ahead and slide that little guy in there while playing with your other goods.

It’s helpful to spend some time with the plug inside of you to help stretch yourself out. 

You can lay down and leave it there for a half-hour to an hour (less is fine.) Or, if you feel comfortable you can get up and walk around as if nothing is out of the ordinary. How sexy is that??  

As time goes and you continue this ass-training you’ll feel ready to try for the next size up. Trust yourself, take your time and remember, practice makes perfect!


double flames*** Pro-tip: ***You MUST use a toy with a flared base or something that won’t get pulled inside, you don’t want something getting stuck up there!


That’s all for today everyone! Thank you for joining us and we hope you enjoy your newest addition to your solo sex routine. We’ll see you next time for the sexy conclusion of our Anal 101 series!


Get out there, get in there and get off there! 


Elaine S. Turner

Sex Coach, Clinical Sexologist & Sexuality Educator

Sydney, Australia

August 2020  



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