ANAL 101 - Part Three: A Guide to Full Anal Penetration

🍑 ANAL 101 🍑


Part Three: A Guide to Full Anal Penetration 


Experience anal awesomeness in three easy steps.


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How do you prepare a partner for anal sex?

How do you know if you’re ready for anal?

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Peachy Butt


Welcome back our sexy playmates! We’re so happy that you’ve all been practicing your pleasurable butt-yoga, it’s finally time for the big game, the grand finale Part Three: A Guide to Full Anal Penetration.

We hope everyone has been using their graduated anal dilators and have taken the time to get to know themselves a little better. 

For us to proceed, you’ll need to repeat the steps from Part One: A Guide to Anal Cleanliness and Part Two: Playin’ With Yo’self. This is so you’re fully cleaned out, warmed up, stretched out and turned on. 


🍑 Time to be a Teacher (optional) 🍑


If you have a partner show them what you’ve learned about yourself and what you find pleasurable. Use this as an opportunity for some of that anal foreplay you learned in Part Two. Hand over the silicone lubricant, any toys you may have (fingers are fabulous too) and walk them through what you’ve learned about yourself. Keep is small, slow and sexy for the practice round. 

You can make this fun rather than just instructional! Consider dressing up as a teacher or get in front of the mirror so you can both enjoy the show.

Communication is key!


🍑 A New Kind of Pleasurable Penetration 🍑


Now that you and your partner (toys or otherwise) have explored penetration with smaller things, it’s time for the big leagues!

Remember, eat a balanced diet, clean yourself beforehand, prepare a space (throw a towel down) and practice some deep breathing coupled with some of our ass-yoga, this is going to be fun!


You’re the guide for what feels good. If you’re playing with a partner, consider a safe word before you get started if you’re feeling a little nervous.  

Doubleflame ***Pro Tip: Using a safe word is always a good idea because the words “stop”, or “ouch” can freak people out easily.


When you’re ready, tell your partner or dildo to take it slow. Drench that sucker in your silicone-based-lubricant and start slowly at the anal opening. 

Have your partner (or yourself) keep touching your other ‘goods’ while you’re at it to make sure you’re having the time of your life!

Pro Tip: Seriously consider using a vibrator on your clit, pocket-pussy-on-your-cock, fingers on anal opening or whatever turns you on!

This could be a long process (3+ minutes is totally normal) so make sure you’re both comfortable, also you may not get it all in on the first try! That’s fine! 

Slowly inch the phallically shaped object or body part through the sphincters and into the rectum bit by bit, nice and slow and shallow.  Take all the time you need but keep that piece inside you as long as you can. Once you pull it out it could take a while for your ass to relax enough again for penetration.


REMEMBER if you are experiencing any discomfort, DO NOT PULL OUT QUICKLY. Pull it out slow and sexy (most people find this the best part of anal anyway.) 


The receiver will get more and more used to the way this feels over time, then and only then can you increase in speed and intensity. 

If the receiver is male-bodied they may find that they experience a P-Spot orgasm from this (see our article Prostate Play) or something entirely different. Keep your expectations low but your hopes high!

You may experience that unique anal orgasm your first time, if not, keep trying! Like all other forms of sex, it only gets better with practice (dang it, more sex again!)

Doubleflame ***Pro Tip*** If your partner doesn’t want to use their penis or doesn’t have one, consider a sexy strap on with an appropriately sized dildo. Better yet, if you’re penetrating someone with two holes, you can use a U-Shaped dildo for double penetration or your cock + a dildo in a strap on.


🍑 Key Reminders 🍑


  • Get ready by practicing deep breathing techniques, cleaning yourself, cleaning your toys and preparing an exploratory space
  • Play with yourself first before you bring your partner in, so you know what feels good already (think of it as a head start)
  • Use a silicone-based lubricant (water-based dries out way too quickly) and use it liberally, this is not a time to be stingy!
  • Pair new anal sensations with established feel-good touches on other sexy parts
  • Always use a condom if you’re not with a long term, established, monogamous partner
  • Remember: V(agina) to A(nus) is okay! A to V is not safe for me!
  • Take your time and enjoy every moment of your sexy ride


That brings us to the conclusion of our Anal 101 series. Thanks for sticking with us and enjoy yourselves and your new levels of pleasure!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to one of our Sexperts for some help. We’re always here for you!


Get out there, get in there and get off there! 


Elaine S. Turner

Sex Coach, Clinical Sexologist & Sexuality Educator

Sydney, Australia

August 2020 



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