ANAL 101 - Part One: A Guide to Anal Cleanliness

🍑 ANAL 101 🍑


Part One: A Guide to Anal Cleanliness


Experience anal awesomeness in three easy steps.


Your Questions ….

What should you know about anal sex?

Do you want to know how to prepare for anal sex?

Do you want to know how to use an enema?

What kind of lube is best for anal sex?



Peachy Butt


Attention! Attention! Did you know you can have yet another kind of orgasm? An anal orgasm! 

Most of us want to try it but many of us have no idea how to get started. Don’t worry! We’re here to help.  We can do this together in just a few easy and pleasure-filled steps. To help you slow things down we’re going to break this into a three-part series. 


Part 1: Anal Preparation & Cleaning

Part 2: Playin’ with Yo’self

Part 3: Anal Penetration


Just like with sports, the warmup and the practices are just as important as the game so take your time and prepare that ass for some fun!

Consider the cleaning and the outside-the-ass activities the warmup, the toy penetration the practice and the partner or dildo penetration the game!


According to Anal Pleasure and Health: A Guide for Men and Women written by Jack Morin Ph.D. there are some basics we all need to be familiar with.

The first being the anal opening famous for its unique sensations from rimming or analingus or oral sex on the anus (if you’re interested in trying this, using cling film to keep things safe, tasty and tidy.)


Beyond the opening are both the internal and external sphincter - think of these guys as the “gatekeepers” of the ass. These lead to the rectum or the “…tube-like structure made up of loose folds of soft, smooth skin.” (Morin, 2010) This wonderfully flexible part of our bodies takes the shape of the letter “S” that is unique to every person. 


🍑 Cum Prepared 🍑


Now that we understand the basics, what’s next? 

Some people advise being careful about what you eat up to 36 hours before-hand to be sure you won’t be left with a mess! However, as a wise man once said, “if you’re going to poke around the bushes, you’d best be prepared to scare out some snakes.” (Weil, 2009) 

It’s normal! So, don’t worry, and it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

Start by cleaning yourself in the shower or even consider using an anal douche or an enema

Don’t know how to use an enema? It’s easy! We’ll be your enema escorts. First things first, go out and grab yourself an affordable enema from the shops.


When you get home go to the bathroom, be sure to pour out the contents inside and replace it with warmish water. 

Lay down on a towel either on your side or back with your knees tucked up to your chest.

Lube up the nozzle of the enema (silicone is 100% the best for this) and slide it into your butt. 

Next, slowly squeeze the warm water into yourself, this may feel strange but keep going! 

Once all the water is inside of you, take out the enema and clench down for a few minutes. When you feel like you’re about to explode go to the toilet and release it. 

Do this a few times until your butt water comes out clear!

It’s important that you understand what feels good to you and for you to pace yourself

Now, while you may feel all kinds of clean down there, but surprises do happen. So, when you’re doing steps two and three be sure to keep some baby wipes around!

We’ll see you next time in Part Two: Playin’ With Yo’self



Get out there, get in there and get off there! 


Elaine S. Turner

Sex Coach, Clinical Sexologist & Sexuality Educator

Sydney, Australia

August 2020



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