Witches & Sex Magik

Quick history lesson:

In the 15th century, women were persecuted as witches as they would put a hallucinogen on a broomstick and administer it internally and masturbate.

This is where the inspiration for witches riding broomsticks originates.


For thousands of years, women have been repressed, for their sexuality, not just kinky witches.

In the 1800s women were diagnosed with 'Hysteria', a medical &/or mental disorder. The treatment, a hysterical paroxysm. Today, we call that an orgasm.

In the Victorian era, the medical, psychiatric and behavioural science community (the irony being, they're all men) diagnosed women over centuries with hysteria. Only to cure them with the tedious task of what we now call, hand or manual masturbation, until the first of many varieties of mechanical and rather dangerous looking medical vibrators were invented.

So, we went to a dr. when we were horny?

I’ve had some good looking GP’s over the years, might be worth the question...

'Hi Dr. Mc Dreamy, Google dr said I have Hysteria, I’m hoping you have the cure at your fingertips!'

It wasn’t until the 1900s when these contraptions became smaller, mobile and more affordable. Let’s not forget that the vibrator was the 5th household appliance to be electrified, so along with this came privacy. This point alone tells me that it was a woman who electrified it (unlikely due to the era) or hysteria was so problematic that it was an essential service!

Only in the 1950s was Hysteria dropped from medical books as a mental disorder!

Talk about orgasm repression!

Women have been voting for longer than the female orgasm has been liberated.

What I find interesting is that men for centuries and across most cultures have had a woman for the most part ‘under control’, however it seems they didn’t want to fuck her brains out until more recently!


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