What sort of sex do you think we are having?

I can honestly tell you I have never looked around at any of my friends and family and wondered what sort of sex they are having. Is this normal, do you wonder what sort of sex your friends have?
My GF at work, in a male dominated industry is asked by an older man, likely in his very late 50's or very early 60's


"Who wears the strap-on?"

 Sorry What!?  


I am mortified that of all the sex questions one could have the courage to ask, thats the chosen question.
Sure heaps of same sex couple use them. No judgement from me.
My first question is response is.... what sort of sex do these guys at your work think we are having. Is there some stereotype gay sex I don't know about?


What sort of porn are these men watching?
Does my appearance scream 'strap on' sex?
Do men really think women need a penis to be satisfied?


I don't look at other same sex couples and wonder about their sexual appetite.
So many questions.
In response my Gf politely says
'We dont use a strap on mate, and I'm sure this poses more questions than provides answers for you'



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