The worst hang over ever!

What's your worst hangover from?

  1. Red wine

  2. Tequila

  3. Gin

  4. Brandy

  5. Cocktails

  6. Mixed drinks (UDL's)

How about a man? Do you get a man hangover? Yep, not even joking, you know what I'm talking about. I can hear a few muffled groans of approving regret here. You know it's like when you go out and look at all the food options and still eat that dirty street kabab at 2am and for the next 12 hours your regret the kabab from your stomach to the other end, or the same end it went in but in reverse!

Or when you know not to have the one last drink, you've had your fill, you're appropriately drunk and you get that one last drink, and it tips you love the edge. And the next day you are on struggle street from that ONE LAST DRINK.

It’s the same for the man hang over. You can see all the options, some more appealing than the others. You know what the good choice is, but you choose that 1 guy, that one time and you know that the 2 minutes or however long it lasts.... is not even close to worth the man hangover for the next 12 hours or 3 days!

Is your man hangover a woman? or something in between? Is it a nightclub, or bar, is it a song or destination? We all have that one type of hangover.

What's yours?

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