• People Watch

    People Watch

        After a random inappropriate question, I sat back and watched people walk past and wondering a few things myself… What noises do they make during sex? Do they do anal? Does she swallow? Has he tasted his own cum? Does that sweet old lady still give her husband BJs? How often does she masturbate? Does she squirt? How many times can he...
  • Size Matters

    Size Matters

        Size Matters.... I was reminded of this story just yesterday and I’m sure it’s common, but in the ‘unspoken category’ for most. Many years ago, more than I’d care to admit, at a rugby summer 10’s carnival, one of the club players dashed past the spectators nude. The cheer from the crowd was deafening. I remember having a break your neck moment...
  • Learning about sex

    Learning about sex

    Where did you learn about sex? Think about it for a minute, I'll wait here quietly! School At home Church Porn Magazines Social media School; did you learn that you will get STI /STD if you have sex? At home: that sex leads to babies In Church: That sex is only between a married man and woman so that you can have a family...
  • Bisexual Stigma

    Bisexual Stigma

    In mainstream sexual media there is a high presence of bisexual women. The ultimate male fantasy, 1 guy with all his dreams coming true with 2 women at one time. Sexy, I get it. But where are all the bisexual men? 1. Could it be that they’re still in the closet? 2. Is there a double standard? 3. Or in the age of the...
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