• Judgement or Filter

    Judgement or Filter

    Are we too judgmental when looking at a new partner with all our 2021 criteria filters? I remember as a young woman working at Centrelink I’d have young men ask me out, my criteria was Do you have a job? If no you don’t get any further questions, NEXT! (savage right) Now at 39, I think we have the options to be very choosey,...
  • Witches & Sex Magik

    Witches & Sex Magik

    Quick history lesson: In the 15th century, women were persecuted as witches as they would put a hallucinogen on a broomstick and administer it internally and masturbate. This is where the inspiration for witches riding broomsticks originates. Interesting! For thousands of years, women have been repressed, for their sexuality, not just kinky witches. In the 1800s women were diagnosed with 'Hysteria', a medical &/or...
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