• People Watch

    People Watch

        After a random inappropriate question, I sat back and watched people walk past and wondering a few things myself… What noises do they make during sex? Do they do anal? Does she swallow? Has he tasted his own cum? Does that sweet old lady still give her husband BJs? How often does she masturbate? Does she squirt? How many times can he...
  • Judgement or Filter

    Judgement or Filter

    Are we too judgmental when looking at a new partner with all our 2021 criteria filters? I remember as a young woman working at Centrelink I’d have young men ask me out, my criteria was Do you have a job? If no you don’t get any further questions, NEXT! (savage right) Now at 39, I think we have the options to be very choosey,...
  • Bisexual Stigma

    Bisexual Stigma

    In mainstream sexual media there is a high presence of bisexual women. The ultimate male fantasy, 1 guy with all his dreams coming true with 2 women at one time. Sexy, I get it. But where are all the bisexual men? 1. Could it be that they’re still in the closet? 2. Is there a double standard? 3. Or in the age of the...
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