• Judgement or Filter

    Judgement or Filter

    Are we too judgmental when looking at a new partner with all our 2021 criteria filters? I remember as a young woman working at Centrelink I’d have young men ask me out, my criteria was Do you have a job? If no you don’t get any further questions, NEXT! (savage right) Now at 39, I think we have the options to be very choosey,...
  • Bisexual Stigma

    Bisexual Stigma

    In mainstream sexual media there is a high presence of bisexual women. The ultimate male fantasy, 1 guy with all his dreams coming true with 2 women at one time. Sexy, I get it. But where are all the bisexual men? 1. Could it be that they’re still in the closet? 2. Is there a double standard? 3. Or in the age of the...
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