Size Matters



Size Matters....

I was reminded of this story just yesterday and I’m sure it’s common, but in the ‘unspoken category’ for most.

Many years ago, more than I’d care to admit, at a rugby summer 10’s carnival, one of the club players dashed past the spectators nude. The cheer from the crowd was deafening. I remember having a break your neck moment to have a 2nd look!

Then the conversation amongst the country rugby wags got loose!

I’m 5”2, I’m confident in myself that my body is in proportion and if faced with a man with not only that length but that girth, I’d be forced to decline.

The female locker room style chat gets graphic, with funny stories of short and long, aromatic and taste bud killing details are off the richter scale. But one story still makes me clap my legs like an ocean clam protecting a pearl, is something referred to as: hitting the back wall.

As this girl recants her story, the approving nods and noises from the audience is a chorus of experience and sympathy. Hitting the back wall’ refers to a man’s penis touching your cervix when having sex. Now ‘touching’ is a polite word for it and not the adjective she used. One girl referred to this as cervix punching. Another said she refuses to have sex doggy style as this happens and she would feel as though she was going to pass out. The graphics of this conversation went for the duration of the next game, to which none of us watched as we were enthralled in sex chat.

  • Now, as a grown woman, I wonder, how do we share with and teach young women this sort of experience and knowledge.
  • What about young men, how do they become educated on some of these sex topics.

I feel like male locker room chat is more about high fives and gorilla chest beating than education and sharing respect and caring for women. 

We seem to dump our young people out into the world of sex to find their own way. I’m 39 and am still learning what I like and don’t like, learning, discovering. 

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