Sex Toy

I want to talk about

1 sex dolls
2 cleaning your sex toy

Firstly, in light of the said news article, it raises not only eyebrows but so many questions.

After some time well spent with google, I found some very extravagantly priced and very realistic sex dolls.


Where do you store them? They are life sized and not able to be disassembled or packed away neatly into a small box not much bigger than my iPhone 11! Where do they live when not in use?

1. Permanently waiting in bed?
2. Under the bed?
3. Standing in your wardrobe next to your skeletons?
4. On the couch, linen cupboard, broom closet, garage? Where?

    What’s the reason you dispose of them?

    > Bored
    > Dissatisfied
    > Faulty
    > You get a girlfriend / boyfriend
    > To lazy to clean it
    > Mum is coming for a holiday

    And when you do, where do you put it?

    You don’t exactly want to be seen trying to shove it in your wheelie bin at 5am as the dump truck rolls up the street. Or seen dismembering it in the back yard with your reciprosaw so it fits easier! My eyes are watering thinking about the comical nature of this.  Well of course you wrap it in a blanket and dump it on the side of a major highway right!

    I want to delve deeper into this, conduct a survey or hit the streets...

    - Who has a sex doll (lets gather some stats)
    - How much did you spend
    - Was it a good investment - is it satisfying
    - How often do you use it
    - Do you share it
    - And most importantly, how often do you clean it?

      As a woman I’m well attached to my sex toy, I love it and care for it, ensure it’s kept in mint condition, always charged and cleaned after every use.

      However, I full well understand the differences in the male and female sex toy. A female toy is like a wand. Something you insert, like your EFTPOS card into an ATM machine.  A male sex toy is the opposite. It’s more like the filter basket on my dishwasher. Not easy to access, extract and maintain or clean.  Surely male sex toys are recommended to be cleaned after every use. But are they?

      There’s a question;

      What is the out of body shelf life of sperm?

      I feel like I want to do that primary school experiment where every child plays with a piece of bread with dirty hands. Than washes their hands and plays with another piece of bread. They than seal them separately in a snap lock bag and watch as the bacteria grows.

      Let’s get some sperm on a piece of bread, into a sealed bag and watch 👀

      I know that sperm effects the PH of my vagina, surely it has the ability to grow some funky types of salmonella inside a sex toy.  Salmonella you say, yes, did you see @sexwithelaine ‘s post about the calories in sperm. It’s almost a food group!

      So what’s the verdict?

      Should a male sex doll be like a Covid face mask, use once and dispose or do you take it out into the back yard daily and give it a hose out with your gerny?

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