Pretty Girl Syndrome

I have never heard of this term before;

“Pretty Girl Syndrome”

Having an awkward conversation about my feelings on men being separated and immediately going onto Tinder. I'm hit with;

You only feel that way because you have pretty girl syndrome.


Sorry, What!


So apparently because I would be considered 'pretty' or 'attractive' I have the luxury to 'choose' who I'd like to date.

Well, the previous conversation, with a man might I add, he levelled me and said that not every man would find me attractive enough to FUCK.


According to my personal research and experience, any hole is a goal and Yes, all men do want to get in my pants!

(now picture me all sassy with my hands on my hips)

But apparently men do not have the same luxury, the luxury to choose. It's not as easy for men to get laid as it is women, and especially by the pretty ones who can afford to choose.

So what do those men do when they are not built like a Hemsworth, tattooed like the Sons of Anarchy, or have the money of Donald Trump? It’s a valid question? Do you have an answer for me?

Are women just as shallow as men?

Do we really need the guy to have it all?

  1. looks
  2. tattoos
  3. the body
  4. the money

Do men really only look at me and JUST see my size and shape? My fake boobs, my thigh gap?

I am so much more than that!

Do I really have pretty girl syndrome?

I need to go have a good hard look at myself on this topic.

I'm going to survey more men about this!


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