Penetrative sex is not the only sex

Common misconception:

Penetration is the only form of real sex!

I’ve been asked if I;

Miss the 🍆 ?
Who wears the strap on?
How many dildos do you guys have?


In a time when we have almost normalised all varieties of KINK;

Anal sex
Eating ass


Yet some think that for a woman to be satisfied, she still needs a penis. Both men and women alike, have this thought process.

In a time where we are more sexually liberated than the 70’s free love era, sexually aware, sexually vocal. We have dating apps or as I say 'sex apps', more people are more open to more casual sex. The slut-shaming has almost been overtaken by sexual liberation and the embracing of our diverse sexualities.

Yet there is a public opinion that penetrative sex is the only real form of sex.

I personally believe that this is a deep-rooted Christian value, that the soul purpose for sex is procreation. And unless what you’re doing can make a baby it’s not sex!

Lucky for me, I have bulk climatic satisfaction with a woman and don’t want any more babies!

Living the dream!

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