People Watch



After a random inappropriate question, I sat back and watched people walk past and wondering a few things myself…

    1. What noises do they make during sex?
    2. Do they do anal?
    3. Does she swallow?
    4. Has he tasted his own cum?
    5. Does that sweet old lady still give her husband BJs?
    6. How often does she masturbate?
    7. Does she squirt?
    8. How many times can he back up and climax in an hour?
    9. What does his cum taste like?
    10. Has she eaten pussy?
    11. Is he circumcised?
    12. She is covered in tattoos, I wonder if she has a genital piercing?
    13. Does she like it rough?
    14. Does she look like she is allergic to latex?
    15. Bet she has never done doggie style?
    16. I wonder if he will tie me up?
    17. Is she an inny or an outy?
    18. Does he manscape?
    19. He looks like he has the type of balls that dangle so low they slap you as you fuck!
    20. Does he pull out and cum on your titts?
    21. How many sex toys does she have?

Oh no, now you're thinking about this, aren't you!

Well, next time you're out with your favourite gal pals and have had a few quiet beverages or with your pizza buddies, settle in, people watch with your sex question eyes and slip into the world of the secret unknown stranger.


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