Is eating pussy a feminist thing?

Is eating pussy a feminist thing?


What an amazing question!


Talking with a male friend in his 30’s, educated, a professional of his field, forward-thinking, he says to me;

Feminism is a little like Trade Unions. (Hold your breath) They have their place, and over the years have made great ground on rights and liberties for those they stand for. However, somewhere and somehow the point or the principal gets lost and now it’s about ‘me me me’ and not us. Or in the case of feminism, it’s almost a man-haters club. Women collectively have become the proxy victims.


Very interesting perspective!


But is eating pussy really about feminism!


Some might say that a woman giving a man a blow job is a power play on his behalf, he has her on her knees.

I'd say it’s a power play for a woman; she has his 🍆 between her teeth!



But still back to the eating pussy.

Is it about:

Not needing a man?

Insight into women do it better!

Women not having pussy insecurities.


I believe that eating pussy definitely has a level of feminism to it. However, it's more about the equality of a blow job. Having sex like a man. Reclaiming your orgasm and the right to have one or multiple. It's ensuring that a woman cums first!


So put aside the misogyny and your pride and go out and get your licker license!

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