Judgement or Filter

Are we too judgmental when looking at a new partner with all our 2021 criteria filters?

I remember as a young woman working at Centrelink I’d have young men ask me out, my criteria was

  1. Do you have a job? If no you don’t get any further questions, NEXT! (savage right)

Now at 39, I think we have the options to be very choosey, or are we selfishly eliminating those we should give a chance?

On your chosen dating app it says:

Do you like men or women?

By choosing one or the other you immediately eliminate 50% of the pool! FIFTY PERCENT, that's half!

Then we say;

  • No kids
  • Must love dogs
  • Non-smoking
  • No tattoos
  • No drugs
  • No gambling
  • Gold star…
  • Vegan
  • Geelong fan
  • Aaaannnnd so on!

How big is the pool now?

And is that pool telling lies to get you to swipe?

Or if you choose both male and female are your options limited again by those brave enough to tell the app their sexual appetite.

How do we know what we like if we’ve not tried it?

Now it’s not like trying new food, I admit! It’s not like when you take a bite of some foreign delicacy and its taste, texture and smell makes you dry reach so you swig down 200ml of the closest fluid you can find and laugh it off saying, ‘not doing that again’.

Putting another human's sexual organ in your mouth or other bodily part is maybe a little more psychologically complex than consuming snails and frog's legs!

Are we limiting our future by submitting to society's approved criteria or filters? Or are we simply too choosey!

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