How’s your gaydar?

How’s your gaydar?
Mine needs calibration!
My gf in Woolworths the other day says as we head down the health food isle past one of the staff stocking a shelf.
‘She’s gay’
Instantly I’m on the defense, you can’t say that, that’s a stereotype based purely on her ‘girl with the dragon tattoo’ hair cut she is sporting.
I look back at her, she looks up and smiles, I smile back. Nope, I got nothing. My gf says, 'can’t you feel the energy?'
Umm no!
My gf comes home from an appointment claiming the practitioner is gay. No she isn’t, husband and kids! (Right there is my stereotype, you cant be gay if you have a husband and kids) She continues to tell me about their conversations. Nope, I can’t see how she got gay out of that.
We went to a show and I meet a woman who plays AFL, sure she looks like she frequents the gym but that doesn’t equal gay. Yet they say she is. And as I discovered later, she is.
Gaydar not switched on or maybe not connected.
With all the professional development I’ve done from working in the government, my increased emotional intelligence and my new found super power in reading the room. I still don’t have a gaydar!
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