Hi my name is Juanita

Hi my name is Juanita.

I thought that I might do a little introduction to my inner voice.

I'm a thinker, sometimes an over-thinker. I'm all about the WHY.

I like to dissect everything, pull it apart, look at it from all angles, touch, taste, smell, and make sure I can fully understand. I like to get views from all angles. A bit like a journalist, 

what, when, where, who and why.

I write these things down because it's funny, or interesting, challenges me or because it's new and adventurous, and a lot of the time because if I don't write it down it swims around in my head and keeps me awake at night. Nobody wins when I’ve not had a good nights sleep. 

I’m naturally curious, about everything, how does the clock mechanism work, why does it smell right before it rains, why do farmers use beneficial bugs, what does the inside of a piano look like. I think it’s the creative side in me. Or the crazy inner hippy who is full of childish wonder. 

I started my Instagram page as a journal of my own thoughts and questions. To find peace and resolution for my thoughts and feelings. Cliché, going from a caterpillar to a butterfly takes eating a lot, making a safe secure private cocoon and letting the transformation happen. Eat pray love style!

Somedays I’m still eating, others I’m in the cocoon with Brene Brown and other days I’m wearing my favourite designers @theshirtmuse and @ixiah @honeybirdette and I’m as free as a butterfly. 

Now as controversial as some of my post topics are, they are merely my opinion/feelings or my words/thoughts based on something that has happened to me or been said, and on regular occasions, they are challenged. I like a good challenge, it's liberating to hear someone else's angle and head over to their position to take a look through their eyes.



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