I went out on the weekend, dressed up. Not just to go out but, full glamour-zon!

The function I went to with my girlfriend was a Drag Queen Show. The function was packed out and to be honest, with 95% woman. And a good proportion of them members of the LGBTQI+ community (whether they are OUT or not)

Now to be honest, I was smothered in compliments about my outfit, even one of the drag queens said 'I looked stunning.'

I don't have much of a gaydar, but at an event such as this there are a few obvious signs. Some are very stereotypical; others are just from my experience. What I was very aware of, was the energy in the room.

It's a lot like high school, sadly.

  • Over there are the 'plastics', they don't smile, rarely drink, definitely don't dance and are constantly posing. This cannot be fun!
  • There are those that are preloaded and are 4 drinks ahead of everyone else, they're having a great time and will be the 1st to leave.
  • Those that are wearing something they would not usually wear and are feeling a little self-conscious.
  • Those that are overconfident and are combing the room.
  • There are the usual micro pockets of communities, the yummy mummies, those who ‘shit doesn't stink’, local A list types.... Hang on I'm now just being judgey, but you get my point!

Back to the energy, I was complimented by lots of gushing women who wanted to know where my outfit was from and to say that I looked amazing. I felt stared at by some with envy and jealousy and then there are those that really look. You can feel them looking and I have to turn as they make their presence felt.

It's predatorial!

In this circumstance, this electric hair raising feeling is from women. I am very confident in my ability to detect and deflect a predatorial man, however a predatorial woman is foreign to me.

And far scarier!

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