It seems we are all detoxing from something!

Fast food, alcohol, lifestyle, toxic people. But what about sex?


Off the back of a still lingering Covid lockdown in some areas, a group chat of friends from my youth, there is a lot of witty banter about Covid lockdown sex.

We are laughing at the thought of those stuff shirt politicians scratching their heads, trying to figure a way to put a Covid scan code onto Tinder when moving LGAs after swiping.

Not to mention how do you explain your positive COVID test to the doctor when you have not left the house….

We get onto the topic of abstinence vs celibacy through Covid and how there has been rejoicing in the past years’ sexual detox.

Sure, Covid has changed the economic climate across the world. But also the dating scene.

I have no doubt there has been an increase in the online adult industry across various facets. Not to mention the increase in energiser and other battery brands.

But what have we discovered about ourselves during this time, alone with nothing but our sex toys, internet/Netflix and our imaginations?

1.     what we like?

2.     What we want?

3.     What we want and what we like have not been what we’ve been getting in the bedroom!

4.     Self-pleasure and self-care are connected!

5.     We are too influenced by others in the bedroom.

Do we all need a bit of time alone, rediscovering ourselves… intimately?

Should we all be doing a sex cleanse or sex detox?


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