Bisexual Stigma

In mainstream sexual media there is a high presence of bisexual women.

The ultimate male fantasy, 1 guy with all his dreams coming true with 2 women at one time. Sexy, I get it.

But where are all the bisexual men?

1. Could it be that they’re still in the closet?
2. Is there a double standard?
3. Or in the age of the sexual pride revolution are we seeing a stigma against bisexual men?

    Is bisexuality a 50/50 split?

    In my experience, NO!

    We all have a preference for a soft or a hard taco, and that could be influenced by our mood, the weather, those in our presence, the quality of the restaurant and what’s on the specials board. I believe your bisexuality is the same.

    Why is there not more sex positivity?

    When did we decide that only women can have the option for an 🍆 in her ass whilst eating pussy!

    Maybe men like the same too!

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