To Lube or not to Lube

That is the question, although the answer might be a lot simpler than you think. If “hypothetically” someone tells you that you can have better sex and increase your chances of reaching the “Big-O”, with the catch that it’s perfectly safe and healthy, how would you respond? Luckily for you, the curiosity our Greek ancestors and the fact that they really really (I mean realllly) loved sex, mixed with a little science gave this hypothetical the push it needed to become a reality. Here’s five very convincing reasons you should be lubing up;


To lube or not to lube


1. It’s Normal

Shock! No lube isn’t only for older women, the gyno and the cast of American Pie. In fact, two studies published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine indicate that’s it’s more common to have experimented with lube than not. They found that, of the sample of men and women (all 18+), 70% of men and  65.5% of women reported every having used lube. With so many people reaching for the bedside drawer, what’s stopping you?

2. It Makes Sex Better

Not to say you haven’t already got the act down pat, but why not take it to the next level? Lube is one of the most affordable, easy to use and effective bedroom enhancers out there. Not only does it make sex wetter (luckily you can’t use to much), smoother, more enjoyable and long-lasting, it can also help you feel more comfortable allowing you to focus on the moment.

3. It Makes Your Orgasm

I’m a firm believer that, “If it doesn’t bring income, inspiration or orgasms, it doesn’t belong in your life”, which means I keep a well stocked supply of lube in my bedside. A study from Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health found that 50% of men and women who have used lube say that it makes it easier to have an orgasm. That smooth and silky feeling can give you just the right amount of friction you need to blow your sock off!

4. It’s Safe

Short answer – yes. Using lubricant whilst masturbating or during foreplay and sex can make it much more enjoyable and comfortable. Reduced friction allows extra ease for rubbing and penetrations, reducing the risk of irritation and tearing. Different lube types contain different ingredients and best serve specific uses, so in order to stay safe make sure you which one is right for you and the moment.

5. It’s Something Different

Maybe you’re not ready to introduce a mechanical friend into the bedroom and you’re looking to start with something less intimidating, lubes got your back. With different textures, sensations and flavours all boasting a variety of specialty uses experimenting has never felt so good. With small compact and cute options available, lube is a great way to start or add to your sexual journey.


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