• How to make yourself orgasm - easily

    How to make yourself orgasm - easily

    If you’ve had one, you’ll agree that the female orgasm is the holy grail of sexual experience (sorry dudes!). Vaginal, clitoral or erogenous every girl should learn how to intensify her orgasms whether she is playing alone or with her man. If you’re struggling to orgasm, keep reading for some tips & tricks to cum powerfully to the finish line and key strategies for...
  • Masturbation Month 25th anniversary!

    Masturbation Month 25th anniversary!

    May, 28th is the official National Day of Masturbation, marking the entire month of May "National Masturbation Month" thanks to U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders in celebration of her work. This month, we want to raise awareness and encourage masturbation as a healthy, natural and safe way to express your sexuality by discussing the most frequently asked masturbation myths! What is masturbation? What are orgasms?...
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