How to make yourself orgasm - easily


If you’ve had one, you’ll agree that the female orgasm is the holy grail of sexual experiencestyle="line-height: 2;"(sorry dudes!). Vaginal, clitoral or erogenous every girl should learn how to intensify her orgasms whether she is playing alone or with her man. If you’re struggling to orgasm, keep reading for some tips & tricks to cum powerfully to the finish line and key strategies for having multiple orgasms!


An orgasm is a release, right? On a mental, physical and for some spiritual level. This means you need to be comfortable, relaxed and most importantly let go! It’s a new feeling we get that, which is why we suggest you try alone practicing to cum (reliably) before you share the experience with anyone else. Think of it like singing in the shower, practice makes perfect 😉.

Take your time, treat tease yourself - Finally, that childhood story about the hare and the tortoise finally makes sense! Climaxing isn’t a race, it’s more of a scenic walk through the forest ending at a hidden waterfall. Foreplay is half the fun, so before you start make sure you set the mood and slip into something that makes you feel sexy and comfortable, perhaps your favourite lingerie, baggy pyjamas or even your birthday suit. It’s important to own your orgasm and make it work for you by doing what makes you feel top.

Anatomy of the Clitoris

The Big “O”, Orgasms & Cumming – You know your body better than anyone else, but if you haven’t done much exploring now is as a good time as any. Softly float your palms and fingertips all over your body to identify your erogenous (pleasure) zones, don’t focus your attention just yet but make sure you note your return destinations. Once stimulated and ready turn it up a notch, take your preferred hand and slowly make your way to just above your vagina, where you will find your clitoris. This little guy will feel like a small button and with its thousands of nerve endings plays a pivotal role in your pleasure and climaxing.

Clitoral orgasms are the most common and easily achieved (with a little practice), so it’s important to explore and discover the best way to stimulate your clit. Most women use a combination of rubbing and caressing often in a clockwise motion using both the index and middle finger. If it’s your first time, or you haven’t cum before we would recommend browsing a masturbation guide and using aids like lubricant to help facilitate your exploration.

Sex Toys

I Can’t Orgasm, Send Help Dildos! – Lucky for you it’s the 21st century and we have an arsenal of “masturbation aids” to enhance your experience. Remember, many women struggle to climax off a single form of stimulation, so it’s perfectly natural to introduce toys into the bedroom to help stimulate multiple erogenous zones to achieve a combination orgasm.

We suggest a vibrator if you feel clitoral stimulation is your thing. Our extensive range of vibrators for beginners to experts will help you to reach that earth-shattering orgasm that may be just out of reach with those fingers alone. With hundreds of styles and thousands of functions, we’ll sure you’ll find something you like.

For the penetration lover, dildos are the obvious choice providing an intimate sexual feeling. Like a real penis, they come in all shapes and sizes each boasting its own “special qualities”. With the focus on G-spot stimulation orgasms achieved with dildos are commonly described as “shaking one’s core” and felt deep inside the pelvis.

Sex Fantasies

Fantasise – According to certified sex coach Gigi Engle, “The more we talk sexual fantasy and normalize the conversation, the less we’ll beat ourselves up for having twisty, sexual, steamy [thoughts]. No matter what the fantasy is, it’s completely normal!” Most sexual fantasies fall into three main categories;

  • Multi-partner sex;
  • Power, control, or rough sex; and,
  • Novelty, adventure, and variety.

Whether you are discussing, imagining or acting out your fantasy it’s the perfect way to get your creative juices flowing, providing that little boost you need to cum home.



Practice makes perfect, so why not introduce what you have learned above into the bedroom? If you’re playing alone make a bucket list and work your way through, if playtime is shared write your own list and then compare with your significant other, we bet you have some common ground! A good tip is to try breaking your list into different levels of kink, let’s be honest some days we’re up for anything and others something vanilla makes us weak at the knees.

When you’re ready to introduce masturbation aids make sure you check out our user-friendly store to sort through beginner, intermediate and advance toys to explore yourself more!


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