The only cocktail more dangerous than that double expresso martini you were sipping back on less than a month ago is that mix of social distancing, self-isolation, the death of social dating apps and the end of summer…… Let’s face it, how are you meant to satisfy that twitch, fulfil that fantasy or kill that sexual craving if you’re coming into the “iso” period without a significant other?

Let’s take a step back and ask yourself one question, “When was the last time I pleasured Me, Myself and I?”. If you can’t remember, is it a possibility that amongst the face paced and high-pressure dating scene formulated through family pressures, social stigmas and ease of access online, you lost track of tending to yourself and self-love?

Assuming (safely) that the answer is “I can’t remember” here is your COVID Operation with the aim to reinstate self-love and ensure you tend to the desire of who matters most, you! You mission to use this time as self-reflection, exploration and development of your sexual identity. Your objective, the satisfaction of three sections of your sexual identity: Me, Myself and I.



Let “ME” be your softer, gentle and vanilla side that is represented by the creature comforts of your sexual world. A candle light glow, crackling fireplace or silk sheets on smooth skin give you comfort and take your pleasure and comfort to the next level. Things that you now have the time to prepare to set the mood for your sexual experience to be all that it can be. Whenever you get the chance the mood should be set to allow you to fully indulge in the act of self-love, no matter how often. After all you have all the time in the world (literally).



Your “MYSELF” side is your darker, desire fuelled persona that makes an appearance in the “full moon” scenario, when the time and place is right. Lacy lingerie (check out KissKill for some hot af fabrics), sexy photos, adult videos and the use of toys, or perhaps all of the above…. Satisfaction in this domain is all part of developing your sexual identity by allowing yourself to open up and feel comfortable satisfying these desires, while you have the company and comfort of yourself. When you re-enter the dating world your new-found confidence will allow you to securely implement new tricks in the bedroom (if he, she or they deserve it).



The curious cousin “I”, who requires a little more attention than the others and may not yet be fully understood. Here lies your sexual fantasies, desires and curiosities which you may have only exposed the peak of the iceberg or be in uncharted territory all together. Introducing advanced toys, masturbation techniques, fetishes, role play or whatever else sparks your curiosity comes into play here. It’s the time for “trial and error”, if something makes you feel uncomfortable or doesn’t satisfy your desires like you anticipated you now know, if it does, you have something exciting to bring to the bedroom when all this is over!

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