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Noted…. you know your way around, particularly in the bedroom. Hey, if you´re one of the lucky ones you might even get yourself and even better, your partner off every time? This is good but surely, you’ve wondered, “what’s next?”. 

Ever considered working with a sex coach? Think of them as your personal sex-pert who´s dedicated their life to helping individuals unlock their sexual potential through education, training and communication. This might be just what you need to get the most out of your sex life and in turn, your climax! 

And please, don´t ever think you´re broken just because something may not feel or look like you´ve imagined it. With a little help of an experienced sex-pert you will be able to get to the bottom of your concerns and tackle them accordingly.

Why Should I Use A Sex Coach

The desire to have sex comes naturally, differing, based on what you´re into 😉. Unfortunately, knowing how to have sex (more importantly GREAT sex) doesn’t! Being social animals, humans develop from explicit instructions and feedback throughout their lives, however, these are severely limited as a result of social expectations, sex shaming and nerves. 

No need to lose faith, sex is both teachable and learnable! With the assistance of an experienced sex coach you can discover ways to take your sex game to the next level - both physically and psychologically by becoming a more receptive lover. See your sex coach as your “cheer-leading” person in this!

What Types Of Sex Coaching Are There?

The first and most basic form of sex coaching is Talk-Based. As the name suggests this method revolves primarily around discussions of your sexual goals, challenges and desires. Talk based sessions are particularly helpful as an initial step to identify issues through a serious of targeted questions and analysis before formulating a solution. Sessions can be solo, partner or group covering topics from sexual identity, sexual abuse, sex addiction, sex and aging, open relationships, communication skills, gender identity, sex in long-term relationships all the way to sexual dysfunction. The beauty is, sessions can take place anywhere and anytime over the phone, email and even text, so there’s no excuse not to get involved!

A more personal style of sex coaching is known as Experiential or Hands-on. You guessed it, a more hands-on approach is taken where the coach guides participants through drills to increase self-confidence and comfort with their sexuality and levels of intimacy. Coaches teach by touching and being touched, providing feedback and instructions on how to create a more intimate and sexual experience.

Benefits Of Using A Sex Coach

In short, the better you understand what you and your body want, the better your climatic experience! A few of the major benefits are;

  • Understanding, experimenting and pushing your boundaries
  • Improving your ability to give and receive pleasure through instructions and learning
  • Open mindedness towards and embodiment in your sexual desires
  • Overcoming sexual issues such as dysfunctions to low libido
  • Education of types of seduction both physical and physiological
  • Improved confidence through development of skills

Is A Sex Coach A Sex Therapist

In short - no. A sex therapist holds a degree in psychology, social work, or medicine. Each of which contain a fundamental level of training around sexuality. Sex therapy is often a longer and more in-depth process delving into the underlying issue and a root cause analysis of one´s emotional and sexual challenges. In contrast sex coaching, aims to provide more on the spot feedback, training and education on one´s current stage of sexual development.


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Laura Miano, who left fashion to study psychology three years ago, is a student sexologist currently undertaking her masters remotely through University of Sydney. She works as a sex therapist in training at the Australian Institute of Sexology and Sexual Medicine in Collingwood and writes regular articles on sex and relationships. Laura has a particular interest in empowering individuals to feel entitled to their own sexual pleasure and feels passionately about removing sexual shame or guilt that act as a barrier to a healthy sex life.  


You can contact her via email laura@aissm.com.au for specific questions or just follow her on her Instagram account Lauramianosexology for valuable information and updates.



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