The #1 Kink and Fetish Alphabet FINALLY REVEALED

The #1 Kink and Fetish Alphabet FINALLY REVEALED

Our Kinky Alphabet

Your Questions … 

What are some common kinks?

Does anyone else share my kink?

What is a “furry”?

What is the difference between exhibitionism and voyeurism?


Kink Fetish Alphabet

Hello, our kinky, sexy friends! Today we’re bringing you our version of the kink alphabet. 

What is the kink alphabet, you ask?

We took the standard English alphabet and attributed a kinky word or topic to each to help you learn a little about the world of kink, one letter at a time. 


Our Kinky Alphabet

A is for Ageplay 

This is a very common sexual preference where you become aroused, in full or in part, by age differences. For example, watching GILF porn or having one partner dressed as a teenage cheerleader and the other as a much older school principal. 


B is Balloon fetish 

A less common source of sexual arousal is the use of balloons. It could be from inflating a balloon inside of a person, popping balloons or hiding one beneath your clothes, it’s up to you!


C is for Cuckolding

This is traditionally seen with heterosexual couples where the female in the couple is intimate with another man, who is not her usual partner, as an act of humiliation or a source of voyeuristic excitement for her standard partner.


D is for Dominance

Dominance (the act) or Dominant (the person) are integral parts of the traditional BDSM power dynamic. The Dom is the participant who (seemingly) has all the power in the acts that the consenting adults are participating in and becomes aroused in full or in part by the sense of power they possess. 


E is for Exhibitionism

This is where pleasure and arousal are derived from being watched by someone else during sexual encounters. 


F is for Furries

You’ve probably heard of them, but if not, furries are people who are involved in a particular scene that derive sexual arousal and satisfaction from animals with human characteristics or visa vera. Most commonly, furries tend to wear full-body costumes to act like an animal and engage in sexual activities.


G is for Gagging

Ball gags, bone gags, a stocking, whatever the object used for gagging is can be inserted into a partner’s mouth to prevent them from speaking or making noise during a sexual act. Or, it also refers to the idea of gagging on a penis or dildo, which can be a huge turn-on for many.


H is for Humiliation

These are a variety of erotically charged acts where a participant humiliates their sexual partner(s) by any means. That could be using specific language, having the partner act like a dog, or using them as a plate to serve dinner on. There is a lot of space to get creative here!


I is for Impact play

This is a common thread in a lot of BDSM style scenes, impact play refers to any act of “violence” on another person. That could be a horse crop, a whip, a cat-of-nine-tails or anything else that turns you both on.


J is for Johns

A common term used by sex workers to refer to their clients who are paying for their services.


K is for Knife play

This one may sound scary, but it is very common. Using a knife during sexual activities either as a prop in a roleplaying scene or to actually cut a consenting participant to enhance sexual pleasure or gratification.


L is for Latex fetish

This is a sexual preference for latex, PVC, rubber or other similar materials. These can be used as stimulation for masturbation, clothing or any number of things.


M is for Melissophilia

This is being aroused by bugs and insects, either in fantasies or in real life.


N is for Narratophilia

Deriving arousal or sexual gratification from words or stories that are arousing. Typically, these are traditionally “naughty” or “dirty” words or pleasure can be derived from the written word like in an erotic novel.


O is for Orgy

This is group sex that happens between more than four consenting adults.


P is for Paraphilia

A (problematic) technical term used by the DSM (Diagnostics and Statistical Manual) that characterises a condition of “abnormal” desires – these usually are classified based on a person’s opinion of whether or not those sexual actives are “dangerous” or “extreme.” 


Q is for Quirofilia

Sexual arousal or attraction to fingers. Some people are aroused by things like hand jobs or fingering, others prefer things like a great manicure or someone smoking. It could manifest as really any number of finger-based things.


R is for Roleplay

When one or all participants in a sexual act pretend to be someone other than themselves for sexual arousal and gratification. Often this involves creating and developing a full scene and backstory for the characters involved. This could be something like dressing as a nurse and a doctor or a pool boy and a rich housewife, wherever your mind takes you!


S is for Submission

A submissive, the person, or submission, the act, is an integral part of BDSM. This is when you gain sexual gratification from allowing yourself to follow the orders, punishments and sexual demands of another person.


T is for Training

This is used in many different aspects of kink, but it usually refers to a power-play situation. One person trains the other to become what they want and expect out of a sexual partner, usually a Dom and sub situation.


U is for Urophilia

A really fancy name for enjoying golden showers. Also known as water sports or pee play. This when you enjoy urine, whether giving or receiving some people have a preference while others love it all!


V is for Voyeurism

Getting sexual satisfaction or arousal from watching other people engage in sexual activities without their consent or knowledge. Think like a peeping Tom.


W is for Wax play

When someone derives sexual satisfaction from (typically) candle wax. Whether they’re pouring it on someone else or having it poured on them, the temperature, the feeling of the wax and the anticipation of each drop are a source of great arousal for many.


X is for Xenophilia

The opposite of xenophobia, xenophilia is when you are sexually attracted to that which is different or unknown to you and based on your experiences. Some examples of this would be the sexual attraction to aliens, zombies or mutants.


Y is for Yoni Egg

These are egg-shaped toys that are typically inserted into the vagina and held in as part of pelvic floor exercises. The vagina holds the egg in place to gain muscle, similar to Kegel exercises.


Z is for Zoophilia

Definitely not the same thing as furries, zoophilia is when you have a sexual fixation on an animal that does not possess any human characteristics. For the record, zoophilia is the attraction and bestiality is the act.


What do you think?

In your opinion, which of the kinks sounds the most fun to you?

Do you or anyone you know have any of these kinks?

What other kinky things do you think we should add to the list?

We want to know! Drop your thoughts, feelings and opinions in the comment sextion below!


Get out there, get in there and get off there! 

Elaine S. Turner 

Sex Coach, Clinical Sexologist & Sexuality Educator

Sydney, Australia

October 2020


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