Anal Sex: Why does he want it so bad?


Fetishised by porn, fantasied by males and feared by women all back up to the million-dollar questions, “Why does he want it?”. Combinations of sexual appetite, dominance and social taboo all play their roles behind what might seem to some as an unnatural sexual request. Using the Socratic method” asking, “Did you ever steal from the cookie jar?” also helps to provide further insight to the origins of the request. Read on for some insight into why your partner could be asking you to “back it up”.

Preternatural Pleasure

In a search for what is “beyond normal and natural” prying outside the box defined by our sexual norms and creature comforts pioneers the search for something more. Think of it like dessert, you might love ice-cream (sex) and more specifically chocolate (cowgirl). But once a fortnight they bring a special flavour, for argument sake white chocolate & caramel swirl (anal). It is not a question of if but when you aren’t satisfied with chocolate and need to try something “special”, whether you like it or not is another story. The inquisitive nature of humans to experience new sensations could be his motive.


Anal can be seen as a form of dominance and honestly, who doesn’t like to be the boss? An act of submission and surrender of power might be exactly what he is looking for. If BDSM regularly finds its way into your bedroom in the form of role-play and kinky positions you may have found the answer you’re looking for. As long as you trust your partner, there is nothing wrong with passing over the reigns and enjoying the ride, don’t forget your (or his) safe word!


Whose heart doesn’t skip a beat, adrenaline rise and senses sharpen when they break a rule, cheat or lie? It’s human nature whether we like it or not. We don’t like being told what to do and more so, love getting away with it. The social stigma tied to anal being taboo comes from various moral and emotional motives, the major being that sex is the act of making love to procreate (no babies here). Although anal play and sex are becoming more common, many still see it as forbidden and your bad boy is just looking to break the rules?


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