Juicy June - Wanna glide right in?

Bring on “Juicy June”, the month where wet meets wild and we explore ways to slip, slop, slap and slide into the bedroom. Our goal this month is to smash society´s taboo views on the use of personal lubricants and enhancements stemming from the prehistoric views about sexual deficiencies. We understand that your body and mind are two very complex personalities who don’t always see eye to eye and at times may require a playful nudge in the right direction.


Shame, Shame, Shame

There is still a sense of shame, particularly amongst women, when it comes to the use of sexual aids. The fear comes from the thought of being labeled as sexually deficient or “not into it” if you require a little help. Sex and relationship expert Dr. Jess O’Reilly squashed this myth by explaining, "lubrication is controlled by the autonomic nervous system and is beyond our conscious control.” Basically, you can be super horny, but totally dry, and vice-versa. Let´s be honest, it doesn’t help when you have UFC fighter Ronda Rousey blurting out, “If you need lube, then you're being lazy”… fuck piss off Ronda. With society shaming us on just about every aspect of our lives, the last thing we need is being judged how we get off!


Misconceptions about personal lubricant

Who’s watched porn before? If you answered yes, thanks for being honest. Second question, how often do you see any consideration for adequate lubrication and comfort? Not often, if at all right? A NUS Survey showed that 60% of students surveyed said they watch porn in order to learn more about sex and to fill gaps in their sexual education. Whilst another survey showed that 98 percent of men and 73 percent of women between the ages of ages 18 to 35 had watched porn in the last 6 months. It’s fair to say that if porn is seen as the norm or even more concerning an educational tool it’s important to make accessible knowledge to portray what healthy sex really is, which shock horror, may involve sexual aids!


What’s Normal - Do I need lube?

Stress, anxiety, hormones and disjointed physical and mental states are normal and often are not consciously controlled. This means that it’s completely normal, to have no control (if that makes sense). You might be spinning your tires and about to burst out the gate, but your body is pulling the hand brake. Despite being unable to completely understand our bodies 2000 years on, we’ve been able to develop aids and tools to help deal with our body's subconscious reactions, allowing us to fulfill our desires whenever we want.

Therefore, it might be more of a question of "do you want lube" rather than "do you need lube". We don´t discriminate against sex without additional lube, don´t get us wrong, but there are just times where some extra juice could take your pleasure to the next level of satisfaction 😉


This Month´s Goal
In short, for you to have the most amazing masturbating sesh or most amazing sex with the introduction and education of 
Lubricants and Body Glides. 

Use more lube

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