10 Aphrodisiacs You Should Have Tonight!

10 Aphrodisiacs You Should Have Tonight!

Light Your Erotic Fire During Dinner

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Aphrodisiac Foods


Welcome back, our sexy friends! Let’s discuss aphrodisiacs today. Aphrodisiacs are defined by Merriam-Webster as “an agent (such as a food or drug) that arouses or is held to arouse sexual desire.” 

Essentially, it means something you eat, drink or take to help get your engines going. 

While there is a lot of back and forth in the scientific community about whether or not certain aphrodisiacs actually work, we’re going to stick to the basics and tell you about certain foods that are popularly considered aphrodisiacs. 

The most important thing is that you believe that they will work, the power of suggestion on the mind is undeniable. So, stop analysing and start enjoying!


Foods that turn you on


When you’re enjoying these beautiful substances, really focus on your senses. Enjoy how they look, taste, smell and feel as you savour every last bite. 

If you’re with a lover, try feeding each other in a sexy way like blindfolded or even enjoy your erotic banquet naked! There are tons of different ways you can encourage the aphrodisiacs to work, so get creative!


Cantonese flavour combo: Steamed oysters with ginger, spring onion and coriander.

Oysters These have long considered an aphrodisiac based on their vulva-like appearance. Oysters have been reported to help improve dopamine levels which boost the erotic charge in people of all kinds. They also are high in zinc which is critical for testosterone production. 




Avocados – Shaped suggestively like a testicle, these can be arousing simply based on the fact that they are so decadent and creamy when perfectly ripe. Containing a multitude of nutrients, these sexy fruits have been banned in the past by Catholic Spanish priests due to their supercharged sexual properties. 



Chocolate: Friend or Foe? | Phoenix Helix

Chocolate or cocoa – Commonly referred to as “nourishment of the Gods” by the ancient Aztecs, chocolate has long been believed to be a powerful sexual stimulant. It contains a chemical called phenylethylamine which is known to arouse a person’s sense of excitement and well-being when consumed. 



How to Cook Asparagus

Asparagus – while it may not appear sexy, asparagus is high folate which increases the production of histamine. Histamine is helpful for the sex drive in both men and women and thus is recommended for everyone!



Cilantro vs. Coriander: What's the Difference Between Cilantro and Coriander?  - 2020 - MasterClass  

Coriander – You probably either love or hate this herb however it has a long history of being an aphrodisiac.  In the famous book of the Arabian Nights, a merchant has been childless for 40 years and a concoction he drank which contained coriander seeds magically cured him. While we’re not saying this story is true it certainly speaks volumes about the mind’s influence on our world!



8 Impressive Health Benefits of Pineapple 

Pineapple – A fruit rich in vitamin C it has been used for a long time to treat men with erectile issues, it is also said that a penis-owner who regularly consumes pineapple has better tasting semen. We think it is worth trying!



11 Impressive Health Benefits of Saffron

Saffron – Yes, we know it is very expensive, however, there have been a few studies that link this spice to treatment for depression and mood enhancement. By simply boosting your mood with a few bites of a saffron laced dish you could take things up a notch!



Why Pistachios Are Sold in Their Shells — Unlike Most Nuts | HowStuffWorks

Pistachio Nuts – High in fibre, protein and healthy fats, these nuts have tons of health benefits including helping to reduce symptoms of erectile issues in penis-owners. Scientists have suggested that this may be due to the way that pistachios improve blood circulation with regular consumption over time.



Halliday's best red wines of the year

Red wine – A study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that when women regularly consumed a small amount of red wine had a noticeable increase in sexual desire, vaginal lubrication and overall sexual functioning.



144,959 Red Chili Pepper Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock

Chilis – Many spicy foods are considered to be aphrodisiacs due to capsaicin – which is the thing that makes food spicy. Capsaicin helps the release of chemicals in your body that can raise your heart rate and even trigger the release of endorphins!


What do you think?

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Well, we hope we’ve changed your dinner plans for tonight! We know what we’re having.

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Get out there, get in there and get off there!

Elaine S. Turner

Sex Coach, Clinical Sexologist & Sexuality Educator


Sydney, Australia

September 2020


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