His & Hers first Butt Plug - What´s important?


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His & Hers first Butt Plug - What´s important?

Preparation prevents piss poor performance, a historic British Military adage relevant to more facets of life than we can poke a dildo stick at, including sexual development & exploration. Whether you`re self—indulging, surprising your significant other or playing in groups, the do’s & don’ts of your next sexual adventure need to be known. Afterall, the focus should be on playtime, knowing it’s being done safely.

With more and more individuals exploring anal stimulation and butt play, we’ve put together your top 3 steps to help you’re first butt plug glide right in. If plugs aren’t your style, butt (pun intended) your looking for another way to “scratch your itch” be sure to browse our selection of anal beads.

Know Your Product

To keep it simple; shape, size and texture sum up the four key criterial to consider when screening for your newest bedroom member. Believe it or not, specific shapes are aimed and tailored to activate specific stimuli (prostate for males) or a combination of multiple (G-spot & anal stimulation for females). When it comes to size, “bigger is better” could not be further from the truth, “don’t let your ambitions get mixed up with your capabilities” and ironically as a rule of thumb, start no bigger than your thumb and work your way up. For all sex toys; Silicone, glass or stainless steel are your safest options as their non-porous surface enables you to safety and effectively clean after use, as for the feel well that’s up to you. 

Understand The Territory

It’s important to know and understand the uncharted territory, entry into your anal cavity is through the external sphincter which is a layer of voluntary (striated) muscle encircling the outside wall of the anal canal and anal opening. Simply, stimulation and enjoyment are increased if muscles are relaxed and penetration is not restricted. Rest assure, the design encompassing an elliptical smooth shape and base ring are for ease of penetration and prevention the plug getting “stuck”.

Prime for penetration

Unlike the vagina, the anal cavity does not have the ability to externally self-lubricate, fortunately we have solutions. Use of water- or silicone-based lubes, condoms (as you would on a penis) or a combination of both can help to achieve the required lubrication for anal penetration. Make sure that if you plan on using the same plug on multiple partners that it’s cleaned between use and no party will have a reaction to the lubrication method selected. Application to both the external sphincter (penetrating with a finger or two) and to the plug directly will achieve the maximum result. Once you, your partner or your group are ready all you need to do is relax and enjoy!


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