COVID-69: 5 Sex Hacks to Help You Through the Corona Lockdown


You and your partner usually love to go for hikes and explore. But now you're both stuck inside because of the coronavirus lockdowns, and you've run out of shows to watch on Netflix.

So now what? While your outdoor activities may be limited now, the lockdown has literally opened up the door to your bedroom for some fun and exploration of a sexual nature. Now is the perfect time to try things you had only considered before, as you have nothing but time and energy. 

Here are 5 sex hacks that you and your partner can implement while you wait for the lockdown to lift.

1. Set The Mood

Maybe you're used to rushing sex, but now you have lots of time. So why not make your bedroom into a lovemaking temple?

For example, you can use the soft glow of candlelight to set the mood and provide enough light to enjoy the features of your partner. You can also put on some sensual music to enhance the moment. Now's the time to take your time!

2. Bring In The Toys

While you can't actually bring in a third party to join your bedroom antics right now, you can easily bring in some of the ultimate sex toys for couples. That's right while you might think of sex toys being designed for either men or women, there are many on the market that has the pleasure of both partners in mind. 

For example, have you ever heard of a couples' vibrator? They exist, driven by smartphone technology that can deliver stimulation to both the clitoris and G-spot. These waterproof devices can even be used in the shower together if you need a change of scenery.

Whatever toys you choose, keep them handy so you can easily reach them when things get hot.

3. Try New Positions

Are you usually having vanilla sex the same way every night? Try switching it up. For example, she can be on top for a change, or you can even try experimenting with standing up (don't forget you can use sex toys while standing in any room you please.)

If you're really stuck for new and fun positions to try, you can turn to the ancient wisdom of the Kama Sutra...

And of course, if you're looking for mutual oral pleasure, don't forget the 69 or as it can be called during the lockdown, the "COVID-69".

4. Experiment With Role Play

You've got nothing but time, so why not try out your acting skills in the bedroom? For example, you could pretend you found a sexy burglar in your home, or that you caught the babysitter watching something sexy they really shouldn't be looking at while on duty. 

There are many role-play scenarios you can cook up with a bit of imagination. Don't be shy about your fantasies!

5. Send Unexpected Pics

Sexting is fun from afar. But it can also be done from home too during the quarantine.

Send him a sexy pic while changing in another room, or show her how you're enjoying your newest bedroom additions and invite her to join.

Sex Hacks For Any Time

While you can use these sex hacks during the lockdown, you can also use them any time in the future to keep things spicy!

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