• Your Vagina - Where wet meets wild

    Your Vagina - Where wet meets wild

    “The mechanical sciences are among the noblest and most useful because their capacity for diversion allows bodies in motion to perform the work for which they were developed”. A statement made by Leonardo Di Vinci which can be applied in a sexual context to help understand the vagina. Hypothetically, a vagina can be analysed as a complex mechanical system with the ability to lubricate...
  • To Lube or not to Lube

    To Lube or not to Lube

    That is the question, although the answer might be a lot simpler than you think. If “hypothetically” someone tells you that you can have better sex and increase your chances of reaching the “Big-O”, with the catch that it’s perfectly safe and healthy, how would you respond? Luckily for you, the curiosity our Greek ancestors and the fact that they really really (I mean...
  • What is lubricant - A beginners guide to lube

    What is lubricant - A beginners guide to lube

      LUBRICANT – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Let us start by busting a major myth right open, lubricant isn’t just for post-menopausal women who no longer produce natural lubricant or to prevent tearing whilst indulging in extracurricular sexual activities, such as anal. It’s actually one of the safest, user-friendly, effective and cheapest sexual enhancement tools around that can be introduced into the bedroom...
  • Juicy June - Wanna glide right in?

    Juicy June - Wanna glide right in?

    Bring on “Juicy June”, the month where wet meets wild and we explore ways to slip, slop, slap and slide into the bedroom. Our goal this month is to smash society´s taboo views on the use of personal lubricants and enhancements stemming from the prehistoric views about sexual deficiencies. We understand that your body and mind are two very complex personalities who don’t always see...
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